Dear St. Patrick School Parents and Community Members:

The “Back to School” exhilaration you are all feeling is very familiar to me.  The arrival of students in our classrooms is a reminder of the many bright possibilities each student has for success.  As your Elementary Principal it is important to me to help them realize those possibilities as I did when I was a teacher.  Education is the only profession I know in which you can begin anew each year.  What an amazing opportunity!

During the past few weeks, I have been inspired by the clear message I have received from everyone I’ve spoken with-parents and teachers, as to how well St. Patrick’s education is helping to prepare its students to succeed in college, careers and in life during this 21st Century.  Today’s students are digital kids and they require a more engaged type of education.

Supporting both dozens of teachers and hundreds of children while always being responsive to parental requests, big and small, is a challenging job that brings endless rewards.

As the children’s leaders, we enter this school year together, facing our challenges and our abundant opportunities with equal confidence, creativity and hard work.

I am grateful for each of you and the care and talent you contribute to the education of our children.  Thank you for recognizing that St. Patrick School is the best place to form the future leaders of our country.

Best regards

Valoree Valdez de Lebron,

Elementary Principal

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