St. Patrick School of Santo Domingo, an American type English school, was founded on March 17th, 2005. One of our main objectives is to support and reinforce the guidelines of the education system in the Dominican Republic and to provide through an American Curriculum, the education necessary to succeed in all areas of development. We focus in providing an integral, modern education for students starting in Preschool all the way through High School.

In 2007, motivated by the need to continue to promote the strong principles that are an intricate part of our educational beliefs, we decided to adopt the Catholic identity and include in our curriculum, specific subjects as well as special activities to promote the highest human values that frame our identity as a school: Integrity, Loyalty and Commitment. The school fulfills the standards of the North American Curriculum, supported by the Common Core Standards and it follows the official programs, academic calendar and requirements of the Ministry of Education in the Dominican Republic.

Our vision is to be an innovative, educational alternative which promotes both academic and spiritual excellence of our students; so they can transform and improve their social surroundings. It is our mission to help form complete, independent individuals through and American based curriculum, which emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills to succeed in all subjects.

Our Values


In the summer of 2014, the we started revising our mission and vision statements. As a result, three new values were introduced: leadership, innovation and respect. These six values are the pillars for the students’ academic and personal growth and the keystones that provide the energy that drives our students far and beyond. Our values will steer the lives of each member of the St. Patrick School’s educational community.

The six main principles of the institution are protected by a green shield which symbolizes the spiritual part of our philosophy. Our school emblem, formed by three elements, resembles the shamrock which St. Patrick used to portray the Holy Trinity; three different entities that come together as one.

Vision and Mission Statement


To be recognized as the leading educational institution through our commitment to academic excellence, society and the holistic development of our student.


We are an educational community forging enterprising leaders through an innovative and international program, incorporating holistic development of our students and respect for diversity, while honoring one's identity. Educational Vision


St. Patrick Schools’ methodology is basically eclectic. It has brought together different theories, philosophies, perspectives and experiences. As a result, we have developed a rich, modern, interactive teaching method. Montessori’s guidelines are visible in the way manipulative materials are labeled and exposed throughout the classrooms. Decroly’s principles are reflected in the individualized treatment our students receive through work-play activities in the learning centers in our preschool and lower elementary classrooms.

The use of bells, well thought-out schedules, single file organization and formal uniforms are part of our school’s dynamics to promote and reinforce organization and discipline. The students’ cognitive development is nurtured through the development of different subjects, each one oriented towards strengthening critical thinking skills. Our methodology is based on a constructive communication that combines development theories with practical applications. We believe in the autonomous learning process but also motivate our students to work in teams to ensure the growth of the different areas of development: Socio-emotional, Cognitive and Physical. We are focused on forming productive citizens who can display strong moral values in our multicultural society.

From this point of view, students acquire and increase knowledge through problem solving, exploring and discovering experiences. Our students interact with materials needed to manipulate and experiment, always parting from their previous knowledge on any subject.

As a prep school, St. Patrick is engaged in developing different skills, especially the right attitude needed to help them live in our ever changing and challenging world.

The school recognizes that responsible and active participation optimizes learning processes as well as individual and community growth. We promote respect for the different cultures and the development of a democratic attitude in a culturally rich environment where camaraderie and teamwork stand out. Each one of the members has the opportunity to contribute with ideas that will help our school maintain academic and social excellence, in benefit of the entire community.

Our Philosophy

St. Patrick School of Santo Domingo, with its holistic conception of education, values all areas of development. We offer a complete educational program that promotes academic excellence, based on a broad curriculum which emphasizes on strengthening skills and acquiring concepts in the different areas of development. It is precisely the curriculum which is used a s a conducting thread providing the guidelines to our educational practice and framing our moments of instruction. Even though each subject has a main resource book, we firmly believe in using a wider range of resources to obtain information and investigate; analyzing through critical thinking and comparing different points of view from different authors.

We work with an American type curriculum, never losing sight of our Dominican culture creating consciousness of the rights and responsibilities of every individual, highlighting patriotism. St. Patrick School fosters feelings of civility and respect as citizens of this country.

Our curriculum includes subjects like: Lengua Española, Sociales and Cívica, which are official subjects required by the Dominican Republic board of education, (Ministerio de Educación), along with other subjects that enrich the students’ academic development.

We consider that a high quality educational program should be oriented towards strengthening the different skills each student displays, including all aspects of their personal development. Our school has high regards for ethnicity in the Dominican Republic and advocates for an academic program with American Type College level courses. This not only offers essential academic training but integrates principles which include the commitment to function like a responsible member of a civil community. Our modern, efficient educational program promotes intellectual, physical, socio-emotional and ethical development in each and every one of our students through constructivist and multi-sensorial educational methods.

St. Patrick School’s basic principles, Integrity, Loyalty and Commitment, are promoted on a daily basis through the actions of its members, starting with the Administrative staff, the Academic staff, the students and their families.