St. Patrick Student Profile Evaluation

St. Patrick School promotes and enforces students to act according to the following profile:

Integrity/Honesty: I am trustworthy, with my actions I project honesty and kindness. I always act in accordance with my beliefs and values.

Loyalty: I am a good person, faithful to others, to my principles and obligations. I assume commitments even when facing changing and adverse circumstances.

Commitment/ Responsibility: When I make a promise, I fulfill it. I don’t perceive commitment as a burden, but as a ways to serve others.

Respect: I am considerate and kind with myself and others. I value other people's opinions.

Courtesy: I shows consideration for my peers and observe all basics rules when interacting with others.

Self-Control: I have the ability to control myself, in particular my emotions and desires or the expression of them in my behavior, especially in difficult situations.

Humility: I am not pretentious with others, but value personal assets, I recognize my limitations and flaws.

Cooperation/Solidarity: I am always willing to help spontaneously when needed, I offer my services and talents to the community.

Critical Spirit: I have the capacity to objectively analyze information and assume a critical position based on my principles and values.

Group Work: I assume with responsibility a shared and multiple leadership, taking into consideration group differences and goals.

Creativity: I take the opportunity to use prior knowledge to create new ideas and solutions.

Tolerance: I accepts different criteria and diversity.

Workmanship: I assume work with enthusiasm and dedication.

Organization: I establish order in school life, keep all notebooks covered, up to date and with clear information.

Punctuality: I submit all work given on time, I am punctual for flag ceremony and classes.

Sense of Humor: I exhibits joy, even in difficult situations, and contribute with enthusiasm to the group.

Companionship: I relate well with others, and have inter-personal contact with them. I am gentle and participate with affection; I am secure.

Leadership: I am a source of inspiration to others and motivate them with my actions.

Emotional Intelligence: I am capable of being aware of, control and express my emotions. I can handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

Effective Communication: I can verbalize and/or relay information to make myself clearly understood by others, whom I actively engage in the conversation.

Positive Attitude: I am capable of maintaining myself and others positive in approaching life situations and challenges, helping them/me move forward more constructively.

Entrepreneurship: I am characterized by my innovative spirit, risk-taking skills and ability to succeed in a competitive environment.

Innovation: I am able to translate an idea into a good or service that is valuable for my community.