Math Reinforcement (4th - 12th Grade)


St. Patrick School is aware of the need to give support to the mathematics program. For that reason and to assure that St. Patrick School students acquire all the skills necessary to succeed, we have implemented a complementary mathematics program for students from 4th through 12th grade. This program is taught in Spanish and provides one or two weekly periods of Math Reinforcement additional to the 5 mandatory periods included in our US curriculum. The main objectives of this program are:


·         Reinforce previous math objectives that were not totally acquired by the students.

·         Support the regular US math curriculum.

·         Give extra practice hours to make sure objectives are achieved.

·         Help students prepare for the national exams “Pruebas Nacionales.”

·         Identify and relate math concepts in Spanish.

·         Support students who are still struggling with math concepts in English.


The ultimate goal of this program is to reinforce student math skills and develop interest and passion for numbers and mathematical concepts.