Passport to Peace

The Passport to Peace program issues a new kind of passport for elementary school children in grades K through 5, and it doesn't require travel! Instead, the passport represents a trip in which students learn to develop positive social attitudes, stop bullying behavior and increase tolerance.

The program helps students practice healthy attitudes and learn socially acceptable ways of dealing with anger and frustrations. In this program, students will learn:

  • To practice and demonstrate positive character traits
  • Important attitudes that promote peace
  • Social skills such as confidence, independence, and commitment
  • How to improve their academic performance
  • The importance of creativity in academic success

The twelve key character traits/attitudes in Passport to Peace are seen as important for success in life. They are:

  • Respect and Commitment
  • Responsibility and Honesty
  • Integrity and Solidarity
  • Curiosity and Appreciation
  • Loyalty and Empathy
  • Friendship and Enthusiasm
  • Tolerance and Self-Control
  • Cooperation and Creativity
  • Confidence and Independence

As students study and learn a new character trait every two weeks they have stories and activities to help them understand and practice these traits. Passport stamps are given along the way as they journey through each character trait.